Why is Tree Removal Service Necessary?

Tree care & maintenance are essential for growth & lifespan of surrounding trees. Learn why hiring a professional tree removal service is necessary & how an arborist can help.

Why is Tree Removal Service Necessary?

Tree care and maintenance are essential for the growth and lifespan of surrounding trees. In most cases, hiring a tree service company to take care of the welfare of your trees is an excellent solution. During the peak of the storm, the entire yard could be damaged, ruining all your gardening work. If your trees have been drastically affected by natural forces, the damage may be irreparable, forcing you to remove them.

While you may not want to see your trees leave because of all the effort you've put into growing them, if the situation is serious, hiring a tree removal service is your best option. There are two main methods for tree removal. If the tree has enough space, then it is possible to cut the tree in one piece. The trunk is cut in the direction in which it needs to fall. Once the tree has fallen to the ground, it is cut into smaller pieces.

It is important to note that tree removal should only be done by a professional tree service company as it can be dangerous and cause damage to property if not done correctly. When it comes to tree services, it's important to know, no matter who completes the work on your home, what systems and lines are under your lawn. Despite those benefits, your trees should never be too close physically to your home, as they can damage the exterior of the structure. As you go through your seasonal checklist, you realize that there is some work you can do yourself, but some tasks, such as trimming and removing trees, are best left to a professional. An arborist is specially trained to provide proper tree care and can help you determine if a tree needs to be removed or not. To check if your tree is alive or dead, try to gently remove a small outer layer of its bark and observe the color.

If you have surrounding trees that need care or if there are problems starting to manifest in your trees, it's best to contact a tree service company immediately and see how they can best help you. Once you see some signs that they may eventually cause damage to your property and neighborhood, you should immediately remove them with the help of experienced arborists. The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and the American Society of Consultant Arborists (ASCA) are two large organizations that certify arborists and provide resources for homeowners looking for reliable tree services. To avoid these scenarios, you should remove the trees that are right next to your house and try to keep them at a distance of between three and six meters from your property. An old tree stump may not cause problems at first, but the longer you keep it, the more it can become a nuisance. Whether ordered for aesthetic or health reasons, it is recommended to prune tree branches to promote tree growth and beauty. Dead or overgrown stems or branches will most likely need to be cut, which is crucial to ensure the fertility and growth of your trees.

But if you have one in your backyard that's getting too big, your only option might be to have it removed. At this point, you now have a complete idea of what a tree service company does and the benefits they will offer you. If you want a company that takes into account the health and well-being of its trees and that provides education along the way for a reasonable price, call Tip Top.

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