Do Tree Removal Companies Need to be Licensed in Florida?

Learn about licensing requirements for tree removal companies in Florida and how to verify their legitimacy.

Do Tree Removal Companies Need to be Licensed in Florida?

Legally, no license is required for tree service companies other than a regular occupational license. Personal and property liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance are very important for any business in the tree removal industry. A company may have been issued a workers' compensation waiver, but it is still important to verify coverage through paperwork. Long's company currently has a BBB rating of F.

Anyone can rent a chainsaw and call themselves a tree service, but it is important to take extra steps to ensure that the company is legitimate. According to Stephens, users should search the DBPR records for companies and professionals licensed by the department. It is possible to verify licenses by name or license number. He said it's up to the homeowner to make a decision on what to do once the risk of a tree falling on his property is known.

But last month, Florida House Speaker Jose Oliva sent a letter to municipalities and arborists stating that continued enforcement of the pruning ordinances of In most cases, about 90 percent of the time Easey said you just need to prune rather than invest in disposal total so that the tree is of low risk. The BBB said that since I-TEAM reports began a few weeks ago, the BBB's top three searches now include tree clippers behind roofers and general contractors, which is great news because an educated consumer is a trained consumer. For years, cities and counties required homeowners to pay a fee and get a permit to remove or trim a tree. It is important for people to know what is allowed when pruning or even consider removing a tree that could pose a hazard the next time a storm passes.

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