Who Can Remove Trees for Free?

Find out who can help you remove trees for free or at a low cost. Learn about power companies, municipalities, insurance companies and more.

Who Can Remove Trees for Free?

If you have unwanted trees near power lines, the power company may be able to remove them free of charge. There are also a few places you can call for free tree removal in exchange for wood, such as hardwood merchants, camps, arborists, nurseries, landscapers, or a tree farm. It is possible to remove a tree for free, but in rare cases. You can also contact your municipality and the local utility provider for possible tree removal without fees.

If you have good timber producing trees in the right quantity, you may be able to find a logging company that will remove them for free. Insurance may also cover the cost of removal if the tree has fallen due to storm damage. You can also look for unconventional options, such as contacting campsites to cut their trees for free in exchange for firewood. Tree removal can be expensive depending on the size and location of the tree, and the difficulty involved. Typically, fifty feet is classified as a medium tree and will cost you around seven hundred dollars, depending on the type of tree and the difficulty of extraction.

It even varies depending on whether you have the tree removed in summer or winter. An arborist will inspect the area and draw up a game plan to determine how the cuts affect the structure of the tree and solve any problems with the root system. If you have a leaning, damaged or sick tree on your property, it is your responsibility to remove it. There are some types of trees, such as Bradford pear trees, that commonly break and are good candidates for trees to remove yourself. Even though you may love that huge tree that provides shade in your front yard, it may be unsightly and potentially dangerous.

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