When is the Right Time to Remove a Tree?

Learn when is the right time for tree removal and why it is important for safety and health of your property.

When is the Right Time to Remove a Tree?

When it comes to trees, it's important to know when to remove them. A sudden tilt of more than 15% of the vertical is a sign of breakage or weakening of the roots and should be removed immediately. Don't wait until it becomes dangerous - it's safer to remove trees before they become a fall hazard. Pine beetles can spread from one tree to another, so it's important to remove an infected tree before the current beetles fly away and move on to the next tree.

This presents a risk to the property, so it's best to hire an expert who can eliminate this before it gets worse. A tree that grows close to a house doesn't necessarily need to be removed, but it should be watched closely. Trees with bark beetle should be removed so that the beetle doesn't fly to other trees and cause further damage. Removing trees can be tricky and sometimes dangerous, so make sure your property and loved ones are safe.

This is often observed in trees around housing construction sites, when the shade they are used to has been removed or the soil around them has been disturbed. Trees with compromised root systems or root rot at the base of the trunk may need to be removed before they are uprooted. When a tree falls naturally, it will fall wherever the wind takes it, but with proper tree removal, a tree can be safely knocked down without damaging property. Trees are a great addition to any landscape and it's always a shame when it's time to remove them completely.

There are many factors that determine how soon a tree will fall, and things like storms or rot can speed up the process, so it's best to remove these trees as soon as reasonably possible.

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